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Backup & Disaster Recovery in Los Angeles

Backup and disaster recovery services are often confused with each other. Since at first glance they have one goal — backup (making copies) of virtual machines and servers, but this is superficial opinion. At first glance, they are similar each other. They have differences and of course can used to provide some functions of each other. It is important to understand that recovery in event an accident and creating backups are different concepts for different purposes.

Backup recovery.

Backup is creation copies of important information for its further using due to various damage. Damage or loss — it can be both system failures also human factor. Data copies of course are created every day. For individual information, depending on needs and scope company. This process can occur much more often once every hour.

 Disaster recovery

If you need restore information system the shortest possible time — use emergency systems. This system allows you start services in working condition upon occurrence, accidents that provoked the failure entire virtual infrastructure. Disaster Recovery resumes virtual environment online with different geographical location. In an emergency, servers will easily start functioning again, but only from different place.

backup recovery
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As a result.

Customers order services such as DRaaS or BaaS from providers to provide security their data. These solutions protect important data, systems from various incidents, but at the same time they have different goals. Backup allows you to restore data at any time provided for plan, and protects information from loss during accidents. In turn, disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophe quickly restores the virtual infrastructure, but provides for creation only one copy, does not guarantee safety data.

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