Security is important. Security is in our DNA. Protecting our partners is number one priority for CyberDuo.

Managed Security Services.

Comprehensive, cost-effective protection. Managed security services in Los Angeles.

In the wake of disasters like Equifax breach, WannaCry, Petya, managed security services should be on everybody’s mind. The threat of malware, ransomware, botnets, and other attacks is on the rise. Regulations are tightening — for example, with introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — making security something that no business can afford to ignore. At the same time, constantly evolving nature of cyber protection means that comprehensive protection is harder than ever to achieve. Of course, there are options for protecting your business against malicious activity. Policy identity management, malware protection, endpoint are just a few measures you should be taking. Unsurprisingly, maintaining these defenses requires considerable time and expertise.  Rather than devoting substantial in-house resources challenge, let CyberDuo handle it. We will provide 24/7 monitoring and regular assessments, coupled with our centralized system, minimize business risks. Let our experts take care of your managed security services. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your systems data are protected.

Managed security assessments.

First thing we will do is audit IT systems and identify any threats or vulnerabilities. Once any issues have been resolved, we have implemented updated security measures. We will carry out additional, regular assessments to ensure your protection continues meet highest standards.

24/7 monitoring

Through our centralized system, we will continuously monitor security. Block any detected threats to your workstations, devices, or servers. With constant vigilance, we will minimize both the potential for vulnerabilities and risk of attacks.

Identity management

Attackers can often exploit compromised user information to access an organizations data. Effective identity management ensures that right people are accessing right resources at the right times, and for legitimate reasons. This is of course important for productivity, as it allows users quickly log in various systems from different devices. While preventing them from accessing privileges that aren’t necessary for their roles.

24-7 monitoring
ddos protection

Endpoint security services.

Each device — such as laptops, tablets, smart phones — that connects remotely your corporate network represents a potential entry point for security threats. As more and more employees bring consumer devices to work. Endpoint protection is becoming increasingly important — so we utilize endpoint protection tools to close these potential attack paths.

DDoS protection

Distributed denial—of— service (DDoS) attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and can to pose a significant risk of disrupting your services. Our experts have extensive experience using DDoS mitigation techniques and of course tools to minimize the impact of these attacks and keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly.

And much more

These are just a few of security measures we will take to protect your systems. With CyberDuo, you can be confident. In the knowledge that our certified engineers are leveraging the latest, best cyber security practices to safeguard your business.




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